Many American veterans are unemployed

Many American veterans are unemployed – You all already know what is called a veteran. Veterans are the designation for warriors who competed during the war. They include heroes because their goal is to defend the country or arguably the duty of the state.

Not only military personnel, ordinary people can also get the name of a veteran because during the war, of course all take part in the fight against the enemy. Whatever your age, as long as you fight in the battlefield, you deserve to be called a veteran.

Many American veterans are unemployed

In America veterans are highly respected. Many countries imitate America in respecting veterans. There is a day for veterans and all people will participate to enliven the day. And besides that many special services that can be received by veterans.

Speaking of American veterans, the part-time US reserve civilian army Lieutenant Colonel Steven Lelbach and his troops were repatriated from overseas duties and began to have difficulty finding work.

Indeed, as you all know the number of soldiers and even the reserve guard makes many soldiers must accept the reality of being unemployed as long as they have not been assigned.

Not only are soldiers and veterans unemployed, many Americans also experience the harsh reality because the unemployment rate in the country is increasing.

It cannot be denied, even though the government now knows the bitter story of the reserve guard who has been unemployed for too long, for the government is indeed included as a civil problem.

Government Actions For Veterans

For information in America, not all reserve guardians or veterans have access to further training or education programs. Unlike full time soldiers who certainly have full access.

But after a long time, the government finally began to think of ways to help the guerrillas or arguably veterans because they had already fought in state service.

The government also promised to provide certainty about training or education so that the American reserve guards could easily get a job while completing their assignments or return from assignments abroad.

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