Iran Liberates US Veterans in Response

Iran Liberates US Veterans in Response

As you all know America is not friendly with several countries. And usually every country certainly has other support from other countries. It cannot be denied, America has many disputes or differences in understanding with other countries. But America also helps many other countries.

Iran Liberates US Veterans in Response

Speaking of state disputes, America’s relations with Iran are arguably not too good. In 2018 a US Navy veteran was detained in Iran.

The Navy veteran was named Michael White. He has been detained since 2018 and until now he has only been released to be able to return to America. Actually there are many pros and cons. For Iran, the veteran was arrested for medical reasons and under Swiss supervision.

Why is it that Switzerland is involved in US and Iranian affairs? Because Switzerland knows that the US and Iran do not have diplomatic relations.

The return of the US veteran has been confirmed by the family and US President. And to repay the kindness of Iran’s actions to free the US Navy veterans, finally the United States also gave a reply which was to give permission from an Iranian doctor named Majid Taheri to return to Iran.

With the policy carried out by both parties, many experts say this could be the best opportunity of the bitter history of both.

As you know, America respects veterans and also military personnel. They will do anything for the lives of these fighters.

America Highly Respects Fighting Veterans

Even in America, it is not only the government, the developed countries have adopted the respect of veterans. Because veterans are heroes.

They are struggling in the task of the state for the lives of people who are in America. American power and the progress of the country is the intervention of these fighters.

There is a special day to enliven Veterans Day. On that day, all the people cheered, so that for the community, veterans should be honored. Their struggle in any fight has the same goal, namely with children and grandchildren who live on American soil.